About Mocco Beach Villa & Restaurant


Happily for our guests, the Mocco Beach Villa in Kendwa is equally famed for its amazing value and sheer wealth of options to enjoying your stay.

Mocco Beach Villa & Restaurant is a private establishment located on one of the most beautiful beaches of Zanzibar Island.

Mocco Beach Villa has a relaxing atmosphere with a large, open restaurant. The beach restaurant is well-known to residents and visitors for its wonderful oceanfront setting. Their qualified chefs and staff offer innovative fine dining amid a casual and friendly environment. For added variety, the menu changes regularly in order to fulfill the desire of the restaurant’s diverse clients. This beachfront villa and restaurant is designed to offer delightful accommodation at an affordable price. Combined with an ever-friendly environment and the warmth and hospitality of the management and staff, you can’t go wrong with this charming little villa!


I stayed here from the 28th september until the 9th october with my family which consisted of my brother his wife and two young boys. i stayed in my own room called the kidoti, this place was amazing. the staff could not do enough for us, every morning we had fresh tropical fruit.
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Asya O
London, United Kingdom
This is a small place, run by locals. It has a fantastic location, being right on a very quiet part of the beach (not sure what would happen when the huge Italian resort next door is open). We went in low season so the place was pretty quiet, just how we like it.
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Karen H
A group of 6 of us travelled to Zanzibar last week to find that the hotel we had booked (Kendwa Rocks!) only had room for 5 of us, so we had a look around the rest of Kendwa beach to see if anywhere had any rooms. Mocco Beach Villas was the only place with a room for 3 left, so 3 of us moved there…
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Simons Catfish
Manchester, United Kingdom